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Frame connector - 8m Jurte complete set

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Complete set of frame connectors for an 8m Jurte. Set comprises of 16 x top connectors and 16 x bottom connectors. Takes 2" x 1" planed wooden batons.

The frame connectors were developed to allow Jurtes to be erected in market squares in Germany. Each piece is angled to match the roof/side angles of a standard 8m Jurte. You build the frame and attach and raise the roof before buttoning on the sides as usual. It is recommended that some guy ropes are also run to either pegs or solid points i.e. trees or posts, a random scout etc. for additional security.

2" x 1" wood is a standard size in Germany for a roofing baton. Unfortunately, in the UK, the standard size is 2" x 1" un-planed which is just a few millimetres too wide. Planed 2" x 1" is available but you may need to have it ordered for you from a timber merchants. You will need to make up 48 batons - 16 base, 16 uprights and 16 top - for a complete Jurte. The top and bottom batons will be 155cm long and the uprights will be either 160 cm (if you're using standard size panels) or 204 cm (if you're using XL side panels)

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Our Price: £625.00