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6m Jurte - high

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The 6m Jurte gives you a very flexible space and 28 square metres of floor space. The Black version is able to have a fire in the middle which can be used for warmth, cooking or even just ambiance (please note that all fires must be off the ground, in an approved container, and be allowed by the site the tent is on. If in doubt, please check with ourselves and the organisers of the event).

This tent has 2m sides and come on either a single centre pole, a bipod or a tripod. Please discuss this with us prior to the event. The extra height means that you do not have to duck. Unless you're really tall or have on a high hat.

Available in black and white (NO fires in white tents, please, or you will be buying the smoke damaged tent!).

Prices for 2024 are:
The Bushcraft Show (Traders only) £425.00
Conquest of Mythodea 425.00€
Drachenfest 425.00€
Curious Pastimes events £400.00
The Wilderness Gathering - please contact the event organisers.

(The reason for the higher price is that I have to 'rob' an 8m Jurte to get the high sides which removes a tent from my inventory for an event. Sorry)
Product Code: 90 007
Our Price: £400.00